STMFSimple Transportation Management Framework
STMFSCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Target Mode Framework
STMFStay Thirsty, My Friend
STMFState Management Function
STMFSingle Tone Multi-Frequency
STMFSave the Music Foundation
STMFSouth Tyneside Manufacturing Forum (UK)
STMFSpace-Time Matched Filter
STMFSchool of Traditional Medieval Fencing (UK)
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The cooperative's STMF was a product of the project, 'STMF on Integrated Rice and Rice-Based Package of Technologies.'
Stationary pedestrian group detection accuracy of different methods FAR MDR Our detector 21.6% 12.5% STMF 22.8% 18.5% codebook 28.4% 22.3%
In what follows, the STMF is simulated via a 2-DOF mechanical model, based on certain simplifying assumptions.
The model, giving satisfactory results for the loads under which it is acted upon, maybe used to further examine the behavior of the STMF under loads that are more complicated and on multistory buildings, constituting the basis for ongoing research.
Practical workshops are scheduled this year to detect certain illnesses such as pressure-related illnesses and cerebral stroke, STMF Deputy-President Dr.
Created in 2006, the STMF mainly seeks to train family doctors in public and private sectors.
In Bavaria, for example, the possibility to subsidize the roll-out of grey spots has been eliminated by an updated funding policy ruling (STMF, 2012; STMF, 2014).
STMF, Bayerischen Staatsministeriums der Finanzen, fur Landesentwicklung und Heimat
STMF was established in 2006 but bosses recognise it has outgrown its original mandate of operating for the benefit of firms solely in South Tyneside.
Through STMF, which was founded in 2006, and its mascot Max Madness the scientist, Kendall plans to raise the funds by partnering with local businesses and health organizations for health-awareness and science initiatives; selling of merchandise and bookings for Max; and a science fair in the Spring of 2013, from which the first, second and third-place high school winners will receive scholarship money to assist with college tuition.
The STMF will meet at One Trinity Green, South Shield, from 12pm to 2pm.
The STMF chairman said: "We have to work together to help the manufacturing industry because it doesn't seem any of the political parties are interested.