STMGStrategic Management
STMGSun-Times Media Group, Inc. (Chicago, IL)
STMGStichting Thuiszorg Midden Gelderland (Dutch: Central Ontario Home Care Foundation)
STMGSoluzione Tecnica Minima Generale (Italian)
STMGSt. Thomas Medical Group (Nashville, TN)
STMGSt. Thomas More Group (band)
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However, the uteruses in CDWSG (Figure 1E), STMG (Figure 1B), and LTMG (Figure 1C) were asymmetric, had faded color and obvious cysts, nodules, and swelling.
Algorithm 1 The Sparse Target Matrix Generation (STMG) Algorithm Require: D, W, a, N, p; Ensure: T, a; 1: Compute the similarity matrix S of D and W: [S.sub.ij] = [mathematical expression not reproducible] 2: [mathematical expression not reproducible] 3: Set T = 0 4: [mathematical expression not reproducible] Progressive step of inhibitor a 5: [mathematical expression not reproducible] 6: s = [S.sub.n] // The nth row of S 7: t = [T.sub.n] // The nth row of T 8: k=(1-p) * [N.sub.h] 9: idx = argsort (s - a) // Get the indices of (s - a) 10: idx = idx[0 : k-1] // Get the indices of largest k value in (s - a) 11: t[idx] = 1 12: a[idx] = a[idx] + [delta] // Update a 13: end for 14: Remap T to active/inactive values 15: return T; 3.3 STMG Based Unsupervised Feature Learning Framework
have people loss of got much to to start get out it to ple ss d struggling think y why stmg at ou too, 65% of people said their hearing wasn't 'that bad' -yet struggle to hear the phone, door bell or conversations in noisy situations**
With weeklies serving 92 area markets, STMG's hyperlocal sites had a head start.
STMG had been going through cash so rapidly that some outside observers warned it could run out of cash to operate before it closed its planned sale to Chicago financier James Tyree.
K Capital's letter, signed by portfolio manager Abner Kurtin, said that the investor was "shocked" that the board would fight DKCM's new directors "given the disastrous operating results and shareholder losses over the last few years due to the board's inaction." The letter says that STMG's chief executive, Cyrus Freidheim Jr., and fellow director Herbert Denton, are trying to stay on the board solely "because of their desire to receive additional compensation from the company."
STMG said its principal operating subsidy Sun-Times News Group had signed a definitive three-year agreement with Journal Sentinel.
STMG said it had notified Richard Breeden, the special monitor of the company who is charged with preserving the rights of minority shareholders, of Hollinger's actions.
"We believe that the seniority and work rule changes and cost saving measures proposed by the company's current management are vital to save the Sun-Times News Group Newspapers and Web sites, including the Chicago Sun-Times," STMG Holding's statement said.
On Sunday, STMG said that Radler had personally paid $21.1 million to settle claims STMG had made against him in a suit that alleges he, Lord Black and other executives pilfered millions of dollars from the company.
Chicago Newspaper Guild members working at the Chicago Sun-Times Tuesday night overwhelmingly rejected a package of concessions that local financier James Tyree is demanding if he is to go ahead with his $25 million offer to buy the parent Sun-Times Media Group (STMG).