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STMOSequoyah Transition Management Office
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Any person who engages or intends to engage in the export, import, and reexport of strategic goods, or provides related services such as brokering, financing, transporting, or giving technical assistance must register directly with STMO prior to applying for an authorization or a governmental end-use assurance.
The STMO, in consultation with the National Security Council - Strategic Trade Management Committee (NSC-STMCom), will issue an end-use assurance, considered a formal security guarantee, upon the request of the country where the strategic items originated.
The STMO will review the application within 30 calendar days upon acceptance of application.
If the applicant fails to complete the requested information or requirements, the STMO will send a follow-up letter.
The STMO may refuse to enter a person into the register for several reasons, such as if the applicant falsely represents or conceals any material fact, or submits misleading information, including forged documents; or if in the past five years, the applicant had been held responsible for violating an international embargo or sanction binding on the Philippines.
The STMO may also refuse registration if national security-related civil or criminal proceedings have started against the applicant, or if any other national security concerns exist.
If the STMO approves the application, the natural or juridical person is entered into the register.
Any registered person has to provide the registration number when preparing and submitting a license application or in any other communication with the STMO.
In case of any opposition, the opponent must notify the STMO to avoid issuance of a registration certificate while the decision is pending in respect of the opposition.