STMTShort Term Mid Term (finances)
STMTSoft Tissue Manual Tool (certification)
STMTSankuyo Tshwaragano Management Trust (est. 1996; Botswana)
STMTShort-Term Missions Team (religion)
STMTStudents as Teachers of Microsoft Technologies
STMTSuperplastic Thermo-Mechanical Treatment
STMTShort-Term Memory to Tones (psychology)
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He went on to say that STMT is currently working in collaboration with the Governor of Alexandria, General Tareq Al-Mahdi, to develop a general plan for the governorate's development that will be announced in the coming period.
Development of the Mandara Tunnel has begun with STMT consulting on the project, as well as on a new road east of the railway and on connecting the International Coastal Road to Port Said.
Abdul Ghaffar noted that STMT has completed several studies on the development of the port in East Port Said.
Additionally, STMT has provided studies on creating a side canal for maritime transport at the port of East Port Said.
In the interview, Abdul Ghaffar added that STMT is not involved in implementing any of the plans, but rather is only assuming an advisory role including human resources support and research.
The study of STMT nationality composition and subsidiary performance can benefit from three related bodies of research, namely, TMT demography, group diversity, and multinational team research.
The objective of this study is to examine the impact of STMT nationality heterogeneity on subsidiary performance.
To cope with the diverse environments and to perform the complex decisionmaking task, the variety within a STMT must match the variety outside it (Weick 1979).
Local isomorphism calls for a STMT composition that is adapted to the local cultural and institutional environment, whereas consistency with the parent side demands adaptation to the parent firm.
Lidding for the STMT is a retortable tri-laminate consisting of a polyester outer layer, aluminum foil barrier layer, and polypropylene heat sealant layer.
Lauren Oleksyk points out that the STMT is not being developed to replace MREs (Meals Ready to Eat in retort pouches).