STMTSoft Tissue Manual Tool (certification)
STMTSankuyo Tshwaragano Management Trust (est. 1996; Botswana)
STMTShort-Term Missions Team (religion)
STMTStudents as Teachers of Microsoft Technologies
STMTSuperplastic Thermo-Mechanical Treatment
STMTShort-Term Memory to Tones (psychology)
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STMT has contributed its research and efforts to modernising the Wardan Institute, part of the railway agency, to ensure the development of the rail transport system.
He explained that STMT is cooperating with the European Union (EU) through education grants, building laboratories, and improving students' scientific abilities.
STMT also provides training programmes for workers at Arab ports on the latest in the management and operation of sea ports.
Local isomorphism calls for a STMT composition that is adapted to the local cultural and institutional environment, whereas consistency with the parent side demands adaptation to the parent firm.
A nationally heterogeneous STMT enables the subsidiary to obtain knowledge/ resources from and gain legitimacy in its diverse environments.
This study focuses on the direct relationship between STMT nationality composition and subsidiary performance for two reasons.
STMT nationality composition heterogeneity is positively related to subsidiary performance.
However, the institutionalized grounding rules, norms, and knowledge at the subsidiary level may have a long-lasting impact on STMT functioning because it can sustain STMT member turnover or even the change of the whole STMT.
The number of years a subsidiary has been in operation (subsidiary age) moderates the relationship between STMT nationality composition heterogeneity and subsidiary performance such that as the age of a subsidiary increases, the effect of STMT nationality composition heterogeneity becomes more positive.
This study used three criteria for including a STMT in the sample.
An agreement between the two raters at the STMT level regarding top managers' nationality existed if and only if the coders classified top managers in the team the same.
Independent Variable: STMT Nationality Heterogeneity