STNCSome Things Never Change (Internet slang)
STNCSecurity Teams Net Crew
STNCSunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council (California)
STNCShort Term Non Continuing (employees)
STNCSpinal Trigeminal Nucleus Complex
STNCSpinal Trigeminal Nucleus Caudalis
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STNC is a powerful operator of Metropolitan Network (NSP license) and a carrier-neutral data center services provider (IDC license) with two high quality standard data centers offering more than 2,000 racks in Shanghai.
Symbian has so far claimed it sees no immediate conflict of interest between itself and Microsoft, even though the US operating system company recently acquired STNC, which has contributed significant features to Symbian's own micro-browser offering.
Microsoft has acquired STNC Ltd, a privately held and fast growing UK developer of client software for mobile phones, and a technology supplier to Symbian, the mobile operating system developer which Bill Gates last year branded as a "threat".
Symbian, an international joint venture working to develop standards for portable Internet hardware, has signed up Bury St Edmunds-based STNC to produce software that will enable next-generation smart devices to surf the web.
STNC Ltd says it has acquired a "ready-made team of developers" from Persimmon IT, a US developer of web server systems, which will enable the UK company to offer an end-to-end service to customers of its HitchHiker smartphone platform.
HitchHiker for CE provides the most compact information-access solution available for manufacturers creating telephone handsets based on Windows CE," explained Amy Mokady, marketing director at STNC.
Symbian Ltd, the London-based wireless information device software company, says its arrangement with UK firm STNC Ltd for its web browsing technology will be unaffected by Symbian's recent deal with Milpitas, California-based Sun Microsystems Inc.
Symbian today announced that it has extended its commitment to advanced Internet technology solutions by licensing WWW technology from STNC Ltd.
In January, STNC signed a deal to provide technology to Symbian, the joint-venture company set up by Psion, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia.
Symbian's phone/computer hybrids will use elements of the Epoc 32 operating system developed by Psion, as well as a communications stack developed by the small British company STNC, a longstanding partner of Psion.
In addition to its licensees, Tegic Communications has formed strategic partnerships or established relationships with Optimay, STNC, Symbian, TTP Communications, Ltd.
The virtual machine is a tso saw Microware and STNC announce that OS-9 w the Internet.