STNGStar Trek the Next Generation
STNGSun-Times News Group
STNGStreaming Transformations and Glue (computing framework)
STNGSignal Transduction, the Next Generation
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In addition visitors will also be offered full access and links to the content on all of the other STNG sites.
Visitors that click on the MeeVee experience within the STNG sites will see video clips of TV programs and can search for local TV programming in real-time, by keyword, program, actor, or topic.
Fred Lebolt, Vice President of New Media for STNG, said, "MeeVee is an outstanding entertainment information service.
com sites are intended to enhance the coverage of the Pioneer Press suburban weeklies published by STNG parent Sun-Times Media Group.
STNG earlier this year launched the sites in Montgomery, Oswego, and Yorkville, Ill.
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 21, 1998-- Development Best Practices for Call Centers" stng and development practices for call centers in the financial services industry, which includes insurance.
So STNG now ponders where to roll out sub-ZIP code or even carrier-route zoning.
24 -0- STATEMENT OF UNIpenses (3,489,677) (8,448) -0- STng Net earnings $ 7 - 6,398,460 2,607,044 Changes in non-cash operating assets and 7) Prepaid expenses and sundry 1,559,138 (612,353) Accounts payable and accrued liabilities (646,089) (426,749) Distributions payable to unitholders 2,537,747 2,667,252 80,865,635 5,301,796 Unit issue proceeds918 2,632,743 Investing Acquisitions of and leasing costs incurred for incomunder development (7,551,084) (2,3 (3,674,367) Cash and short-term investments, beginning of period 8,807,199 6,102,193 Cash and short-term investments, end of period $ 41,813,540 $ 2,427,826
Kern, 42, was most recently senior director of classified advertising for STNG.
Tatina, 40, was most recently the retail director of east region advertising at STNG.