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STOBSports Tears in Our Beers (blog)
STOBSpace-Time Orthogonal Block (signal processing)
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After Stob Diamh it was downhill all the way and very steep, but it's at this time (as any walker will know) that thoughts turn to food and usually beer.
"There are a still a lot of moving parts," Stob writes.
Caracteristicas de los sitios con mayor frecuencia de Trifolium amabile Quimsachata/sitios Parametros Huata Aziruni Cotosa Illpa Especie dominante Mufa Fedo Mufa Mufa Especie Subdominante Fedo Mufa Stob Dihu Especie Subsubdominante Stich Stob Fedi Fedo Cobertura (%) 93.3 94.7 79.3 93.3 Mantillo (%) 2.3 0.7 2.7 0.3 Suelo desnudo (%) 3.7 4.7 11.7 6.3 Trifolium amabile (%) 8.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 Illpa/sitios Parametros Collana Colca Vilque Especie dominante Dihu Mufa Mufa Especie Subdominante Mufa Fedo Fedo Especie Subsubdominante Fedo Arad Cacu Cobertura (%) 92.7 91.0 89.7 Mantillo (%) 0.7 3.0 0.7 Suelo desnudo (%) 6.7 6.0 9.7 Trifolium amabile (%) 5.0 6.0 6.3 Tabla 2.
According to the doxographers, the Stoics often call the cosmos in sense [b] a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or 'composite' and I shall call it 'the System' (Stob. 1.21.5= SVF 2.527, Eusebius Praep.
Ben's Munro quest began the day after his sixth birthday, when he climbed the central Highland trio of Beinn na Lap, Chno Dearg and Stob Coire Sgriodain.
America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association (AGLCA) was formed by Ron and Eva Stob (authors of the guide "Honey, Let's Get a Boat"), after cruising the Great Loop in 1999.
The rock pyramids in the village of Stob are a phenomenon worth dedicating a whole day to.
Kevlin Henney edits 97 THINGS EVERY PROGRAMMER SHOULD KNOW (9780596809485, $29.99), a fine survey of basic programming 'musts' with contributors from across the board in the industry-from Verity Stob to Michael Feathers and more.
Stobart Group Limited (Stobart) (LSE: STOB), a United Kingdom-based large multimodal logistics company with operations in the United Kingdom and across Europe, has taken a controlling interest in newly formed Stobart Biomass Products Limited along with A W Jenkinson Forest Products.
ZEA induces hyperestrogenosis in pigs; typical clinical symptoms are swollen vulva, prolapse of the vagina and rectum, and enlargement of the mammary glands (Stob et al., 1962).