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STOBSpace-Time Orthogonal Block (signal processing)
STOBSports Tears in Our Beers (blog)
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After Stob Diamh it was downhill all the way and very steep, but it's at this time (as any walker will know) that thoughts turn to food and usually beer.
Useful information: If by any chance you turn up at the Stob Pyramids on March 14, you should not be surprised by the crowds on the meadow where the path starts.
Stob indicates that "areas such as, restaurants, buffet lines, food courts, shopping malls, cruise ships, and sports arenas are just a few of the numerous areas STERISTATION(TM) can be placed for providing a crucial health service with the added benefits of advertising and promotion.
Stob added that the appealing new lotion pump will distinguish new products and create powerful on-shelf differentiation.
An RAF helicopter nearby searched the area and spotted Mr King's body on the south side of Stob Loire Leith.
Originally presented as the 2000 Stob Lectures at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, the book moves quickly through the topics, the importance of common grace as a resource for theologians today, how God relates to the unelect, the impact of the debate between infralapsarian and supralapsarian positions, and finally the common good and how theories of common grace might profitably be updated.
Alistair Stewart, 31, fell from the Gearraonach Ridge on the 3,657ft Stob Coirne nan Lochan in the Lost Valley above Glencoe.
A spokesman for Northern Constabulary said the man had slipped while climbing Stob A Ghiais Choire in the Glencoe area.
The 500 plus member Teesmouth Bird Club supports five feeding stations across Teesside, including the Billingham Beck Valley on Wolviston Road, Billingham, Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park on Seal Sands Link Road, Stockton, Coatham Stob close to Eaglescliffe, Richard Dales-Coupland, a trustee of the Saltburn Friends of the Valley volunteers, managing the resort's Valley Gardens woodland, said: "Our visitors expect to see the feeders with ample supplies for the birds.
Request for proposal for IT services for the stop tb office in Geneva for STOB TP Partnership.
We still don't know how it could have happened unless he ran into a stob or somehow suffered blunt force trauma (but there was no visible external wound).
Two walkers who became separated on Stob Binnein in Perthshire yesterday afternoon were taken to safety by the Kin Mountain Rescue team.