STOESystem Target of Evaluation
STOESmall Team of Experts (Germany)
STOESeparate Thread of Execution
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05) in pre/post shifts on PSTE or STOE scores for the teaching method course.
On the STEBI-B, the STOE scale corresponds to the GTE.
There was a significant difference between the pretest and posttest means on the STOE scale (t (1 1 6) = 2.
Percent Language 76 Arts/Reading Mathematics 60 Social Studies 52 Life Science 29 Earth Science 25 Physical Science 15 Table 1 PSTE Scores and STOE Scores on STEBI-B PRETEST POSTTEST PSTE standard standard n mean deviation mean deviation mean difference 59 49.
The contributions of science achievement and attitude towards science teaching to preservice elementary teachers' PSTE and STOE were determined by using two separate Multiple Regression Correlation Analyses.