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STOGSeven Tongues of God (band)
STOGSurrey Training Officers' Group (UK)
STOGScience and Technology Objective Guide
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The other popular xylographic editions of Kagyur such as Derge, Narthang and sTog manuscript and Ulan Bator copy of Them spangs ma manuscript also supports the readings with the insertion of these lines.
My mates then were Fred (Richard Flowers) Stog (Anthony Almonroyd) and lots more but I can't remember their full names .
Then starting from the bottom line of foam/where waves break and de-escalate,/falling risers flattening to a comb,//you zigzag slowly up the sand,/clutching a plastic scoop with built-in sieve,/metal detector dowsing and//waved over stog and little like a fan.