STOHScotties Tournament of Hearts (Canadian women's curling championship)
STOHSince Top Over Haul (aircraft engines)
STOHStatistical Test of Hypothesis
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STOH and START physicians are known worldwide for their extensive experience in Phase I clinical trials, including trials of many of the leading cancer drugs on the market.
For the points DUKO and STOH the 24 hour static measurement is applied together with the GPS EPN station TUBO placed on the roof of Faculty Civil Engineering (BUT), included also in the permanent state satellite network CZEPOS.
Steven Kalter founded STOH in 1984, and has seen it grow to 21 cancer specialists at seven locations in the San Antonio area.
Locating STOH and START in the same facility will provide patients access to the most innovative investigational therapies conducted by some of the most experienced physicians in the world.