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STOICStudent Television of Imperial College (UK)
STOICStudy of Tropical Oceans in Climate Models (meteorology)
STOICStratospheric Ozone Intercomparison Campaign
STOICSword Team of Ithaca College (New York)
STOICSpecial Tactical Oceanographic Information Chart (Naval Oceanographic Office; US Navy)
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But today's humanists might take exception to the ancient Stoic belief in the gods, or actually a "cosmic reason" called the "Logos.
The word Stoic is often used to describe a person who suffers without complaint, but my recent reading suggests it's much more.
I begin with a comparative sketch of Aristotle's approach and the Stoic approach.
Stoic has also announced a special deal for first-time players.
The aim of this study was to describe the triggers of suicide (as they were comprehended by the Stoic school of philosophy) with particular attention to the thinking of Marcus Aurelius.
Moreover, the rationalization explanation places the Stoic explanation of the origin of vice within the ancient philosophical tradition in a way that illuminates its historical connections.
Borghese said, "Future applications of STOIC technology could include a variety of precision relative navigation operations, such as autonomous aerial refueling and cooperative navigation and collision avoidance within unmanned aerial vehicle swarms.
The foundation of Stoic individual ethics is a modified version of the Cynic philosophy.
However, Lachs believes that the "radical distinction between the stoic and the pragmatist is misleading and inaccurate" (41).
Of course, there is some irony and ambiguity in this, as the mark of abusive political power is still inscribed in the ultimate act of freedom and autonomy on the part of the Stoic (would-be) sages.
The Stoic god is laboriosissimus, 'toiling extremely', as the Epicurean Velleius puts it in Cicero's De Natura Deorum (henceforth, DND) 1.
Next follow eight essays, seven dealing with Stoic ethics in New Testament authors and one with the apologist Justin Martyr.