STOMShip To Objective Maneuver
STOMStep Mom
STOMScience Teachers of Missouri
STOMScanning Tunneling Optical Microscope
STOMSoftware Trade Off Matrix (Microsoft)
STOMSafe Transport of Munitions
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While this doctrinal policy may be necessary to prevent saturation of a unit's bed capacity and ensure adequate force protection, it is counter to both optimal medical management, as noted above, and the emerging doctrine of health service support for sea basing and STOM.
However, the fact that the ERCS concept is being driven by line warfighters who recognize it as a vital unmet need for conducting extended-range STOM bodes well for this program.
In an area of operations, the MPF (F) will provide a sea-based staging area and added maneuver space that will allow the joint force commander to execute the OMFTS and STOM concepts.
This revised version of STOM expands the utility to all amphibious missions including major combat missions.
tistics released by stoms reveal that e Yorkshire region n for the first p from PS4.