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STOMPSStand-Alone Tactical Operational Message Processing System
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Stomps, 44, was stopped at a traffic light inGlen Burnie on June 16, 2016, whenNeal's trash truck, weighing more than 10,000 pounds, struck her vehicle from behind and crushed it.
In order not to fall out of the half wine barrels that served as stomping bowls, contestants held onto one another to keep their balance as they rapidly stomped the grapes.
Created in 1991, Stomp was the product of at 10-year collaboration between creators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNichols.
Stomp The Yard unfolds with tiresome predictability, knocking down the arrogant and selfish DJ until he realises that co-operation and unity are the key.
Portraying the dual nature of the African female as both mother and warrior, the dancers shift from crouched positions to frantic tribal stomps and turns.
Sydney's iconic Opera House and Harbor Bridge will be flattened by Godzilla when the giant lizard stomps through his next and reportedly last film ''Final Wars,'' the Sydney Morning Herald reported Monday.
Joel is known around his hometown of Hartland, Wisconsin for hosting "clay stomps"--community events where people get together, take off their shoes and blend a mixture of dry clay and water using their bare feet.
The Specialized Training of Military Parents, better known by many as STOMP, is a federally funded Parent Training and Information (PTI) center established to assist military families who have children with specialized education or health needs.