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STOPPStop Planned Parenthood (pro-life organization)
STOPPStop,Think, Observe, Plan, Proceed (Army)
STOPPSociety of Teachers Opposed to Physical Punishment (est. 1968: UK)
STOPPStop the Over Population of Pets, Inc. (various locations)
STOPPSouth Texans Opposing Private Prisons (est. 2003)
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Hamilton H, Gallagher P, Ryan C, Byrne S, O'Mahony D, Potentially inappropriate medications defined by STOPP criteria and the risk of adverse drug events in older hospitalized patients.
The STOPP criteria are organized by physiological system.
Dans STOPP, les criteres relatifs aux precautions de prescription chez les sujets chuteurs, a la prescription des antalgiques et aux prescriptions multiples de medicaments d'une meme classe ont ete conserves.
School counselors also can use various problem-solving strategies such as the STOPP problem-solving model (Orpinas & Horne, 2006), problem-based learning (Hall, 2006), or "Promoting Issues in Common" (PIC; Hezler, 1996).
A two-year prospective, randomized, double-blind, controlled study assessing the effect of chondroitin 4&6 sulfate (CS) on the structural progression of knee osteoarthritis: STOPP (STudy on osteoarthritis progression prevention).
According to the American Life League's STOPP International, Planned Parenthood's Post-Roe contingency plan involves providing abortions where American federal law does not apply--on offshore ships, in Canadian border towns, and on aboriginal reservations (www.