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STOPSScottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society (est. 1972)
STOPSSaskatchewan Towards Offering Partnership Solutions to Violence (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
STOPSSimultaneous Transport of Particle Sets
STOPSStudents Together Offering Peer Support
STOPSState Troopers Offering Peer Support
STOPSState Operation Pipeline Seizures
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They no sooner heard the cry, and saw Oliver running, than, guessing exactly how the matter stood, they issued forth with great promptitude; and, shouting 'Stop thief!' too, joined in the pursuit like good citizens.
I am one of these, and I make solemn assurance, based upon long traffic with John Barleycorn, that it won't hurt me very much to stop drinking when no one else drinks and when no drink is obtainable.
"We are twenty minutes late, and we shall not stop."
She had nothing for it now, therefore, but to run after the chaise, and to call to Mr Abel to stop. Being out of breath when she came up with it, she was unable to make him hear.
"And a hole in the ground means to stop, also, doesn't it?" continued the horse.
"Many"--she came to a full stop, and looked me searchingly in the face--"many men of the rank of Baronet?"
You stop at one of those big hotels over the bridge--they're packed full of Americans."
Somebody ought to make him stop! Somebody ought to beat him!" she cried out.
"'Stop, Bragelonne!' repeated the prince, in a very loud voice, 'stop!
What place stop 'm that fella leg?" quoth Daughtry, pointing to the space which the member would have occupied had it not been absent.
He could not in conscience - not even George's conscience - object, though he did suggest that, perhaps, it would be better for him to stop in the boat, and get tea ready, while Harris and I towed, because getting tea was such a worrying work, and Harris and I looked tired.
My word, three monsoon finish, boy stop along me come back."