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"Who are you and where are you going?" asked the Stork.
"This isn't the road," said the Stork, as she twisted her long neck and looked sharply at the queer party.
What then, old dog, would not the hawk please thee, but thou must have the stork as well.
The swallows did not know anything about it; but the Stork looked musing, nodded his head, and said, "Yes; I think I know; I met many ships as I was flying hither from Egypt; on the ships were magnificent masts, and I venture to assert that it was they that smelt so of fir.
In spring, when the swallows and the storks came, the Tree asked them, "Don't you know where they have been taken?
The other, after a conscientious effort to build a terrestrial paradise out of the same materials, with the addition of a "grave and stately stork," spoils it all by blundering upon the ghastly truth at the last.
We may not forgo The chanting of the daw The stork also, That maketh her nest In chimnies to rest.
In the evening the Hazel-nut child crept on to the roof, where some storks had built their nest.
Frankly, I am not an educated man, for until now I have read scarcely a single book--only "A Portrait of Man" (a clever enough work in its way), "The Boy Who Could Play Many Tunes Upon Bells", and "Ivik's Storks".
Hannah had `dished up' and astonishing breakfast for the traveler, finding it impossible to vent her excitement in any other way, and Meg and Jo fed their mother like dutiful young storks, while they listened to her whispered account of Father's state, Mr.
Arthur Gride, therefore, again applied himself to the press, and from a shelf laden with tall Flemish drinking-glasses, and quaint bottles: some with necks like so many storks, and others with square Dutch-built bodies and short fat apoplectic throats: took down one dusty bottle of promising appearance, and two glasses of curiously small size.
I forced many kinds of seeds into the stomachs of dead fish, and then gave their bodies to fishing-eagles, storks, and pelicans; these birds after an interval of many hours, either rejected the seeds in pellets or passed them in their excrement; and several of these seeds retained their power of germination.