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STORMStochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy
STORMStorage Resource Manager
STORMSave the Oak Ridges Moraine
STORMStorm-Scale Operational and Research Meteorology
STORMScalable Tool for Resource Management
STORMServices for Treating Older Residents’ Mental Health
STORMSmall Tactical Optical Rifle-Mounted (micro-laser rangefinder)
STORMSounding and Tracking Observatory for Regional Meteorology
STORMStatistically-Oriented Matrix Program
STORMStem Cell Ocular Regenerative Medicine (Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute; Maryland)
STORMService to Others Really Matters (Australia)
STORMSimulation Testing Operations Rehearsal Model (US Army)
STORMStar of Resistance Medics (New York City)
STORMSensor, Tank, Off-Route Mine
STORMSynthetic Theater Operations Research Model
STORMSobriety-Trained Officers Representing Mississippi
STORMService to Others in Rural Minnesota (church camp)
STORMSubmarine Tactical Oceanographic Reference Manual
STORMStructured-Oriented Resilient Multicast
STORMSynchronised Transparent Optimised Rotational Method (search engine methodology)
STORMSoftware Testing On-Line Resources of Middle Tennessee State University
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And the clouds were so thick in the sky that the sunlight couldn't get through them; so that the day grew dark as night, which added to the terrors of the storm.
The worst of the storm must have blown that night, though little I noticed it.
But the saddest of all the stories of the Yankee Storm was the one about the Franklin Dexter.
But this man of nerve manifested neither impatience nor annoyance; it seemed as if the storm were a part of his programme, and had been foreseen.
Violently will my breast then heave; violently will it blow its storm over the mountains: thus cometh its assuagement.
These wise and sober thoughts continued all the while the storm lasted, and indeed some time after; but the next day the wind was abated, and the sea calmer, and I began to be a little inured to it; however, I was very grave for all that day, being also a little sea-sick still; but towards night the weather cleared up, the wind was quite over, and a charming fine evening followed; the sun went down perfectly clear, and rose so the next morning; and having little or no wind, and a smooth sea, the sun shining upon it, the sight was, as I thought, the most delightful that ever I saw.
It really was a violent storm, approaching a hurricane in force, and at one time it seemed as though the craft, having been heeled far over under a staggering wave that swept her decks, would not come back to an even keel.
As I ascended the little hill beyond Pyrford Church the glare came into view again, and the trees about me shivered with the first intimation of the storm that was upon me.
Mimi quietly took a seat a little way apart, whence she could look on the progress of the coming storm and study its appearance throughout the whole visible circle of the neighbourhood.
`cobble' or his `mule', as they term the different classes of boats, would remain in the harbour till the storm had passed.
In the face of the storm, Anne answered without hesitation, "You must take a carriage, and drive."
In the intervals I heard him tramping all over the house, his footsteps distinctly audible in the pauses of the storm. When I woke in the morning he had already gone out."