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STOSSShore Targeting Operational Support System
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The measurements were performed with manual anemometers MC-13, placed at five different sections: the middle point of the beach, the toe of a foredune, the stoss slope, the crest and the lee slope of a foredune.
Wie sich zeigte, ist die vis ein dynamisches Element, das als Mittleres in jedem Falle zu einem Folgezustand fuhrt, selbst wenn dieser in einer scheinbaren Ruhe besteht--wie etwa eine innere elastische vis, die sich beim Stoss zeigt.
Rosenlud G, Stoss J, Talbot C (1997) co-feeding marine fish larvae with inert and live diet.
But even if it wasn't compatible, Stoss says she still would have purchased it due to its features and reasonable pricing, and that as a separate system that contained confidential employee information, HR would be the only department that could access it.
Inside is an intricate altarpiece carved during 15 years by the German master Viet Stoss.
Stoss, "Sustainable Communities and the Roles Libraries and Librarians Play," Reference & User Services Quarterly, 42 (2003).
Artisans Such as Veit Stoss and Tilman Riemenschneider used basswood in their altarpieces, he said.
Para una rapida aproximacion a los debates sobre los que ha girado la literatura en estos anos, veanse los trabajos de Von Beyme (1988); Stoss (1988); Zimmermann y Saalfeld (1993); Betz e Immerfall (1998); Eatwell y Mudde (2004); Merkl y Weinberg (1997, 2003); Norris (2005); Mudde (2000, 2007); Schain, Zolberg y Hossay (2002); Casals (2005); Hainsworth (1992, 2000); Carter (2005); Ignazi (2003); Minkenberg (1998).
De maniere generale, la theorie financiere identifie plusieurs variables susceptibles d'expliquer les choix de financement des entreprises : la taille, la rentabilite, la tangibilite de l'actif ainsi que les opportunites de croissance sont des determinants de ces choix qui apparaissent recurrents dans la majorite des etudes empiriques (Bourdieu et Colin-Sedillot, 1993 ; Rajan et Zingales, 1995 ; Kremp, Stoss et Gerdesmeier, 1999 ; Carpentier et Suret, 1999 ; Gaud et Jani, 2002 ; Drobetz et Fix, 2003 ; Croquet and Heldenbergh 2008 ; etc.
As I speak, I can envisage clearly the visual impact of the New Testament portrayed by the majestic altarpieces of Grunewald at Colmar, and Wit Stoss in Krakow.
In cross section they are asymmetric, and display gently-sloping upcurrent, or stoss, faces, and steeply dipping downcurrent, or lee, faces.
An eye-popping quartet of black and white photographs from Bettina Stoss shows three male dancers in gravity-defying tableaux.