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STOTSpecific Target Organ Toxicity
STOTShort Term Oxygen Therapy
STOTSymposium on Teaching Object Technology
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The CRD NP reviews patients discharged home with STOT at one and three weeks post discharge for oxygen titration, education of home oxygen therapy and to ascertain the need for assessment of long term oxygen therapy.
Central Zangskar has an extreme breadth of 5 or 6 miles about Padum and Karsha, where the sTot valley unites with the mouth of Lungnak to form the valley of Sham-Zangskar.
A StOT grammar adequately describes a language if it assigns probabilities to the linguistic signs (sentences, syllable structures or whatever) in the corpus that match with their empirical relative frequencies in this language.
Tiggy, tiggy on high, stick in the mud, hitchy dobber (hopscotch to some), stot the ha'penny, dodgeball, marbles, knocky nine doors and conkers.
stoT be s whe Fr responses and be a family member or ev rather than judging t Giving someone th From the 5th, she reaches for higher ideals.
Pozostale rozpuszczalne zwiazki chromu(VI) przypisano do kategorii 1B, z wyjatkiem dichromianu(VI) potasu, zaklasyfikowanego jedynie jako drazniacy (kategoria 2) oczy i skore oraz ze wzgledu na mozliwosc podraznienia drog oddechowych jako STOT SE 3 (substancja dzialajaca toksycznie na narzady docelowe--narazenie jednorazowe, kategoria 3) [1].
They were also left stumped by missing details, such as the date of the message and the identities of the sender, "Sjt W Stot", and the recipient, "X02".
But Tim Stot, 48, left him red-faced by throwing the pail containing 30 cans of supermarket pasta outside CofE St Lawrence and St Hilda in York.
(7a) Peos meiden pet ich munie stot purh peos steauene stercliche istrenget, ant abad baldeliche aoet me com ant fatte hire to fliten wio pe fifti.
And, of course, it should bounce when it's dropped - the name stottie derives from the Geordie vernacular term 'stot' - meaning 'throw'.
Angry parishioner Martin Stot threw a bucket full of 30 cans of spaghetti and ravioli at the churchman after a service on Sunday.