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STOVLShort Take-Off/Vertical Landing (US DoD)
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The patent, filed in 1990 and granted in 1993, included a sketch design of a unique STOVL fighter.
Lockheed Martin has not identified any maintenance issues that would prevent STOVL from being deployed aboard the CVN-21, the spokesman said.
Rolls-Royce has teamed up with American firm Pratt & Whitney to develop the F-35 STOVL propulsion system.
The third was to see that STOVL transition from launch to wing-borne flight and recovery to vertical landing was possible.
The STOVL propulsive lift system can be designed as a modular component that can be replaced by additional fuel capacity on the Air Force variant of the aircraft.
This opened the way for Marine Corps and UK participation in the JAST program, since the Marine Corps and the UK were interested procuring a new STOVL aircraft to replace their aging Harrier STOVL attack aircraft.
BAE Systems managing director Mick Ord said: "The STOVL variant of the F-35 Lightning II is one of the most complex aircraft ever built.
It also is our intent, as we go through the PPBS process and working with the Congress, to equip this future CAS force with the STOVL variant of the F-35, with an emphasis on STOL.
The JSF program as first conceived included 480 carrier-based aircraft for the Navy and 480 short-takeoff (STOVL) versions for the Marine Corps.
The UK has decided to order up to 150 of the short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) variant of the JSF in a deal worth some pounds 10 billion.
Thus the concept of the VSTOL (more accurately, "short takeoff and vertical landing," or STOVL) carrier was largely vindicated by the Falklands conflict.