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Jurgis put the money on the table and the woman counted it and stowed it away.
The more cases this goose grease is used in, the better luck it brings to the midwife, and so she keeps it upon her kitchen mantelpiece or stowed away in a cupboard with her dirty clothes, for months, and sometimes even for years.
They stowed everything carefully away, and Minerva set a stone against the door of the cave.
The village being small he had little difficulty in finding Mrs Durbeyfield's tenement, which was a house in a walled garden, remote from the main road, where she had stowed away her clumsy old furniture as best she could.
I hadn't known that this great, hairy, primeval man had any such nobility of character stowed away inside him.
I stowed a roll of blankets and some cold food into a borrowed whitehall boat and set sail.
Manufactured by Belgium-based Stow International, the pallet shuttle is the first semi-automated racking system that GENAVCO has supplied in the UAE.
Although Falkiner probes deeply, she refrains from making judgments about Stow, preferring to leave those up to the reader.
Overseas visitors could be forgiven for thinking Stow is a theme park re-creation as its buildings so perfectly match the popular view of the historic English village.
Morin and husband, Richard, of Newfield, Maine, Patricia Farrell and her companion, Mary Draper, of Billerica, Kevin Farrell of Stow, Richard Farrell Jr.
After their surrender, the remnants of the king's army were locked up overnight in Stow's St Edward's Church before being marched away next day.
Mr Stow's new lover Stacey Edwards was in bed with the love rat and was also attacked by Thatcher when she tried to intervene.