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STPS'il Te Plaît (French: Please, informal)
STPStandard Temperature & Pressure
STPScientifically Treated Petroleum (oil treatment)
STPShort-Term Plan
STPSoftware Test Plan
STPSegmentation, Targeting and Positioning
STPSaint Paul Minnesota
STPSaint Petersburg, Florida
STPSecrétariat Technique Permanent
STPStephen Travis Pope
STPScheduled Transfer Protocol
STPSatellite Transport Protocol
STPSerenity Tranquility Peace (designer drug)
STPSimple Temporal Problem
STPStand-to-Pee (urinary aid)
STPSuperintendência de Transporte Público (Brasil)
STPSales Tax Payable
STPSpace Test Payload
STPSecret Tweaker Pad (song)
STPSelective Tape Print
STPScientific Technology Panel (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)
STPSt Paul, MN, USA - Downtown Airport (Airport Code)
STPSystem Training Plan
STPSosyalist Türkiye Partisi (Party for Socialist Turkey)
STPStudebaker Packard Corporation
STPSoftware Test Procedures
STPSoft Tail Pro (Trek Bicycle Corporation)
STPSituation, Target, Proposal (used to identify a problem, the ideal state, and solution)
STPSame Time Post (message boards)
STPSecurity Test Plan
STPSpeed Test Pro (software)
STPStowarzyszenie Tlumaczy Polskich (Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters)
STPService Traffic Position
STPSooner Than Possible
STPSet of Transmission Parameters
STPsecurity technical procedure (US DoD)
STPService Test Point
STPStop Teenage Pregnancy
STPState Touring Program (Florida)
STPStandard Technical Paper
STPStandard Term Proposal
STPSGML Target Registry
STPSprint Transformation Project
STPStorage and Transfer Processor
STPServicewide Transition Policy
STPSend Tell Please (online gaming)
STPSeattle to Portland 200-Mile Bicycle Ride
STPStudent Teacher Poet
STPSpeed, Temperature, Pressure
STPSeasoning Training Program
STPScientific and Technical Packages (NATO)
STPShort-Tailed Python (snake)
STPSpent Target Pool
STPSink Termination Point
STPSpeakers Training Program
STPStation Terminal Processor (AN/FSC-78B SATCOM terminal)
STPSustainment Technology Process (US Air Force)
STPSub-surface Test Pits
STPStanddown Tax Prep (Las Vegas, NV)
STPStudebaker Technical Products (automobiles)
STPSOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Tools Project (The Eclipse Foundation)
STPSoftware Technology Park
STPSystem Test Procedure
STPSuperdelegate Transparency Project (politics)
STPSustainable Tourism Project (Belize)
STPSetting the Pace (various organizations)
STPSerial Ata Tunneling Protocol (SAS)
STPScience Training Programs
STPShock Trauma Platoon (US Marine Corps medical unit)
STPSigma Theta Phi (Southwest Tennessee Community College)
STPSao Tomé and Principe (island nation on the coast of Equatorial Guinea; ISO Country code)
STPStorage Tank Program (environment; various locations)
STPShort-Term Program
STPStraight Through Process
STPStandard Test Procedure
STPSurface Transportation Program
STPSystem Test Plan
STPSystems Technology Program
STPStraight Through Processing
STPSignaling Transfer Point
STPStone Temple Pilots (band)
STPSecure Transfer Protocol
STPSanctae Theolgiae Professor (Professor of Theology)
STPSatellite Ticket Printer
STPSewage Treatment Plant
STPShielded Twisted Pair
STPShort Term Project
STPShow The Pride
STPSignal Transfer Point
STPSite Treatment Plan
STPSociety of Toxicologic Pathologists
STPSoftware Through Pictures
STPSoggy Toilet Paper
STPSolar Terrestrial Physics
STPSoldiers Training Publication
STPSouth Texas Project (electric generating station)
STPSpace Transit Planetarium
STPSpanning Tree Protocol
STPSpecialized Training Package
STPService Transfer Point
STPServices Transaction Program (IBM)
STPSave the Planet
STPSchool Travel Planning (various locations)
STPScience and Technology Policy
STPShovel Test Pit (archaeology)
STPSteiner Tree Problem (mathematics)
STPStoop (building code)
STPSodium Tripolyphosphate
STPSection Termination Point (Alcatel)
STPSticky Toffee Pudding (dessert)
STPSoftware Test Protocol
STPSwords to Plowshares
STPSpace Test Program
STPSupplemental Transportation Program
STPSupervisory Training Program
STPSolar Terrestrial Probes
STPShow the Plan
STPServe the Professional (various organizations)
STPSection Top Page
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The repair schedule will include additional time to accommodate potential improvements to the machine that STP or the machine's manufacturer, Hitachi Zosen Corp.
Every year, the company is developing and introducing new technologies, such as ECN-integrated MT4 terminal, OCTL2 Plugin, a wide range of trading accounts including Micro, Standard, ECN/STP, STP, and others.
The STP product line of oil and fuel additives, functional fluids and automotive appearance products has a broad customer base ranging from professional racers to car enthusiasts and "Do-it-Yourselfers".
Notably, waterfowl stay close to STP discharge points, where the water temperature is higher and where they find adequate food, especially in winter, the flu season.
To ensure stability in Linux, developers and OSDL Lab experts used STP during the transition development phase of the kernel from 2.
STP consists of DeLeo and his brother, Robert, on bass, together with Weiland and drummer Eric Kretz.
As previously mentioned, STP 10 was a revision of and expansion on STP 3.
8220;A major attraction of STP is that it provides the client with an opportunity to apply different unrestricted trading strategies for example, scalping or news trading,” commented Denis Peganov, FXOpen NZ Limited Director.
The AAG team has an ambitious vision for STP and we're excited to be a part of building that future.
VERTEX realizes the importance of NAVA's STP Standards Initiative with respect to enabling the interoperability between distributors and carriers," said Suzanne Brazeal, VERTEX's eB2B assistant vice president.
Developed jointly by IBM and NAVA, the STP Common Reference Architecture Model, an extension of the STP process model, provides a framework for implementation of the NAVA STP Standards by annuity distributors and their insurance carrier partners.
NAVA, the Association for Insured Retirement Solutions, today announced a milestone in its Straight-through Processing (STP) Standards Initiative: written recognition of the STP standards by insurance regulators in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Virginia.