STPBSingapore Tourist Promotion Board
STPBSurabaya Tourism Promotion Board (Indonesia)
STPBSekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (Indonesian: Bandung Tourism High School; Bandung, Indonesia)
STPBSend the Pain Below (Chevelle song)
STPBStrategic Tourism Planning Board (Tompkins County, NY)
STPBShort the Phone Book (stock trading)
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In May that year Warren, at the request of STPB officials, signed over to the Board whatever copyright he had over the use of the murals that he had created at Changi.
25} The principal members of the STPB project team on the Changi site, Robbie Collins, Pamelia Lee, and Bajintar Singh, still saw a re-creation of the POW past at the Changi as the most viable way of restoring the place as a tourist attraction.
The STPB project team then decided to appeal to ex-POWs for mementos and photographs.
27} The members of the STPB project team were able to get the endorsement of ex-POWs for construction of Changi Prison Chapel, which began in August 1987.
28} In September 1987, after completing the chapel, the STPB turned its attention to the museum that was planned to be next to the chapel.
Mawby, of the Burma Star Association, wrote to the STPB project director, Pamelia Lee: "I feel we are old friends.
Aspinall praised the efforts of the STPB project team:
The STPB gave the ex-POWs clear signs that they wanted the site to have a religious and commemorative role for their return visits.
Harold Payne, President of the Federation of the Far Eastern Prisoner of War Clubs in Britain, lobbied the STPB on behalf of Mrs Freddy Bloom, a representative of the former female internees, who wanted a corner of the museum be devoted to the women's experiences.
In April 1989 the STPB invited Geoffrey Venning to the museum; he was one of the doctors who parachuted into Changi immediately after the Japanese surrender to attend to the POWs.
1 (MFL AJ024), STPB Records (National Archives of Singapore).
Interviews with Pamelia Lee and Bajintar Singh, who worked on the STPB project team to create Changi Prison Museum, 23 September 1997.