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STPDSchizotypal Personality Disorder
STPDShort Tons Per Day
STPDStandard Temperature and Pressure, Dry
STPDSolar Terrestrial Physics Division (US National Geophysical Data Center)
STPDSpike-Timing Dependent Plasticity
STPDSekolah Tinggi Port Dickson (Malay: Port Dickson High School)
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Spatial variability of SOCD, STND, and STPD in the drained alpine wetland
The spatial variations of SOCD, STND, and STPD were large, with the coefficients of variation (CV) of >30% (Table 2).
The range parameters from spherical and exponential semivariogram models for SOCD, STND, and STPD were <4 m, suggesting spatial dependence among sampling points at 1-m spacing and that data were truly independent within the sampling area (Table 3).
As shown in Figs 2 and 3, the changing trends of SOCD, STND, and STPD were opposite to that of soil moisture, i.
They generally share the teaching load because the nature of the STPD courses demands specialties in a particular field such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Bioethics.
Meanwhile the number of students taking the various STPD courses has been on the rise and it can range from 50 to 500 and this imposes a heavy strain on the available resources and logistics found in FST.
Some may regard teaching STPD courses taking away too much of their time from research which is perceived to be more rewarding in terms of recognition.
Given the importance of the STPD as implied by LM's work, presented below are some properties which are necessary for a function of mean and standard deviation to characterized EU-based indifference curves under the STPD.
If w has an STPD, the properties demonstrated for [phi]([sigma], [mu]) are: (1) [[phi].