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STPFStabilized Temperature Platform Furnace
STPFScience and Technology Promotion Fund
STPFSpecial Trade Promotional Funding (Canada)
STPFShenyang Tianwei Pharmaceutical Factory, Ltd. (China)
STPFSeverance Tax Permanent Fund (est. 1973; New Mexico)
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The government in STPF is shifting towards value addition coupled with national brands, besides enhancing quality standards in line with international standards specially in the textile products for the benefit of the country", he remarked.
5 billion export target by 2012, the total expenditures on three-year STPF are estimated at Rs 35.
Moreover, increase in imports from India will reduce cost of our Industrial production and it will also be beneficial to domestic consumer MoC is planning to introduce "Principles of Protection Policy" in STPF to provide guiding principles to protect certain industries.
This will ensure the right balance between protection and competition for the industry STPF aims at facilitating the business community in every possible way.
The 63rd Meeting of Advisory Council holds to discuss Strategic Trade Policy Framework for 2012-2015 63rd meeting of Ministry of Commerce Advisory Council on Trade Policy held here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Senior Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim to take inputs from members of different chambers of commerce and industry and trade associations in Pakistan for the formulation of STPF 2012-2015.
Therefore, it should take urgent measures to fulfill all its promises made in STPF to restore the shattered confidence of business community in its commitments.
He appreciated the positive steps as to establish Exim Bank, Pakistan Land Port Authority and other export-oriented measures in STPF 2012-15 .
The exports are already on rise as about 8% increase has been witnessed in the country's exports during the first half of the current fiscal year," he said while addressing a press conference after announcing STPF 2012-15.
STPF provides assurance for continuation of trade policy for three years and the businesses can plan their production and export orders accordingly.
He said that STPF would provide ensure continuation of Trade Policy for three years and the businesses can plan their production and export orders accordingly, PM said.
ISLAMABAD, July 27, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Federal government has unveiled the STPF (Strategic Trade Policy Framework) for the next 3 years according to which the export target has been fixed US$ 18.
He also remarked that STPF for 2012-2015 is being formulated with the broad objective of effectively addressing major supply and demand challenges during next three years.