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STPPStrategic Technology Protection Program (Microsoft)
STPPSimple Temporal Problems with Preferences
STPPSatellite Transport Protocol Plus
STPPSteam Turbine Power Plant
STPPSodium Tripolyphosphate
STPPSurface Transportation Policy Project
STPPSubject to Planning Permission (real estate industry)
STPPSolar Thermal Power Plant
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The disposal of the STPP is in support of the DOE's [Department of Energy] natural gas master plan," PSALM president Lourdes Alzona said in an earlier report.
To investigate the effect of chitosan concentration and STPP concentration on the sizes of CS-NPs, two chitosan solutions (1 and 2 g/l) was prepared by dissolving chitosan micro particle (40 m) in 0.
In another study, STPP proved significantly better than supportive therapy for functional dyspepsia, and in a group of patients with chronic somatoform pain disorder, Norwegian investigators found STPP more beneficial to an untreated control group than randomization, Dr.
For treatment of cluster C personality disorders, one study showed that STPP was as effective as CBT.
For more information, call the STPP at 202-466-2636 or visit www.
Its remaining STPP production sites are strongly positioned to satisfy existing customer requirements in the UK and the rest of Europe and Rhodia will use its extensive network to meet phosphoric acid needs.
Sur le plan conjoncturel, l'influence de l'economie chinoise etant preponderante, les producteurs chinois ont profite de la devaluation du Yuan Chinois, de la suppression des taxes export et des subventions accordees pour le transport maritime, pour offrir des prix de STPP qui defient toute concurrence.
The disposal of the STPP is in support of the Department of Energy (DoE)'s Natural Gas Master Plan (Batman Pipeline).
STPP used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to rank metropolitan areas by the portion of household expenditures devoted to transportation.
The STPP named Los Angeles County as the most dangerous county for pedestrians.
Specifically, STPP (Strategic Technology Protection Program) started in October 2001 as Microsoft's focused security strategy.
THATTA -- STPP Chairman Dr Qadir Magsi has said that nationalists would sweep the next elections in Sindh and provide a new platform to the people in provincial politics.