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STQStore Queue
STQSub Transaction Qualifier
STQStore Quadword
STQScreening Threshold Quantity (chemicals)
STQSite Technical Query (various companies)
STQSkill Testing Question
STQSpeech Transmission Quality
STQSafe Times Questionnaire
STQSuperior Temporal Quadrant (vision)
STQStock Ticker Quote
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The Stress Tolerance Questionnaire (STQ) is comprised of four checklists to establish prevalence of items related to stress: life events checklist (LEC) (30 items), daily hassle questionnaire (DHQ) (40 items), stress symptomology inventory (42 items), and lifestyle/ coping mechanisms checklist (31 items) (Welle & Graf, 2011).
(2009): "QoS in the EU Regulatory Framework and Potential Areas for NGN QoS Standardisation", ETSI STQ Workshop on QoS implications of NGN Architectures, 1-2, July.
Speech Processing, Transmission and Quality Aspects (STQ); QoS aspects for popular services in GSM and 3G networks; Definition of Quality of Service parameters and their computation, Technical Specifications, 231.
The first of these was to identify a large number of "Chemicals of Interest" (COI), which trigger the CFATS compliance process for facilities that possess more than the so-called Screening Threshold Quantities (STQ).
Completed last fall, the 1394 Copper Automotive Standard allows for networks built on a number of cable/connector systems, including "Shielded Twisted Quad" (STQ), " Shielded Twisted Pair" (STP), and single COAX operating in full duplex mode.
Pour l'Isle-aux-Coudres, la gestion du service de traversier est entierement sous la responsabilite de la Societe des Traversiers du Quebec (7) (la STQ).
What's more, their Safety, Traceability, Quality (STQ) programme offers manufacturers total assurance that the greenshell mussel powder offered for nutraceutical products is of the highest quality.
Barry Williams of Blackbrook based STQ Decorators made it a double for St Helens businesses collecting a pounds 250 runners-up prize.