STQCStandardisation, Testing and Quality Control (India)
STQCStandardization, Testing and Quality Certification (Ministry of Information & Communications Technology; India)
STQCState Teachers’ Qualification Centre (China)
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STQC began its services in the range of Testing and Calibration based on the need for small and medium-sized electronic industry in the country.
The new BioMini Plus 2 tested in full compliance and received certification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the agency's PIV-IQS/Mobile ID standards and also received India government's STQC certification.
The STQC Directorate is an attached office of the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India.
The biometric devices certified by STQC ensure that these devices are reliable, safe, secure and meet the specifications of
4G Identity Solutions, IrisGuard's exclusive partner in India has developed VDMs required for the STQC certification process.
4G Identity Solutions, Suprema's partner in India has supported Suprema's STQC certification process and in development of VDMs.
Along with its recently-added STQC certification, the device has been approved by several global standards including FBI PIV-IQS and FIPS 201 certifications.
With the acquisition of final STQC certification and the company's hands-on expertise from UID Enrollment and NPR projects in India, Suprema plans to continue its success on upcoming UID Authentication projects in India.
Smart ID) Ltd, Suprema's strategic partner in India, supported Suprema's STQC certification process.
Additionally, he is also a member of Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) - Hyderabad Chapter and a Certified CIISA (Certified Internal Information Security Auditor) and trained in RART (Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment) & BCM (Business Continuity Management) by STQC (Department of IT, Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt.
NPR biometric enrolment will adopt standards formulated by UIDAI and shall use the biometric devices certified by STQC.
Hema Khurana, Director STQC, Government of India, Ministry of Information Technology.