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STRADStrategic Dissemination for ESSI (European Software and Systems Initiative)
STRADSpace Technology Research and Development (US NASA)
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In addition, Strad Energy Services gave the agents an option to place up to 1.
We further examined the effect of ROS on the association of LKB1, MO25, and STRAD and found that the disrupted association of LKB1, MO25, and STRAD induced by As was reversed by pretreatment with NAC or SOD but not catalase (Figure 5E).
The hypothesis examined in this study is that if a database of ECLFs for normal indoor heat sources in these two types of spaces (small office and large space) with STRAD systems is set up, the total cooling load in the occupied zone can be readily estimated by Equation 7, as long as the discrepancy between [Q.
CK: I'd bought a violin with the advance from All Summer--not a Strad, obviously.
Once there, a worker with a hand-held records its location and that sends the work instructions to the computer in the strad to service [that unit].
The first class (Class I) involves a group of verbs like write, stride, rise, drive (with past equivalents of wrote, rose, drove, strode, respectively), which can be traced from the Old English versions as wrat, strad, ras and draf.
O T'd aerie too hid his Strad dear is 'nt rue cade weary cad m' need awe ah gnaw nim(bl') gad.
STRAD, various models of large-volume condenser ion chambers, Victoreen Instrument Co.
I find it troubling, therefore, to find a cryptic reference to "a luthier up in Michigan" who made the copy of a 1727 Strad owned by Ko Iwasaki.
A software package called STRAD can help manage the content of the process (STRAD 1996), although in most applications of SCh the software is not used.
It would have been nice also to find a STRAD demonstration disk included in the book.