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STRADSStrategic Deployment System
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Raised in a strict Lutheran household, she says her father denied her a violin as a confirmation present, buying her a diamond ring instead (it's a little moment, but the inclusion of this anecdote works as a lovely throwback to The Carpenters and their dreams of diamond-encrusted Strads).
Ingles points out: 'For baroque music, you don't necessarily need a Strad or a Guarneri--you don't need that power.
CK: I'd bought a violin with the advance from All Summer--not a Strad, obviously.
Once there, a worker with a hand-held records its location and that sends the work instructions to the computer in the strad to service [that unit].
This afternoon, however, he was planning to realize a long-deferred dream and deposit the "Strad" in New York.
But on a subsequent visit to the Library of Congress, noticing that the Kreisler Guarneri had been placed in the same case as the Strads she had given, she erupted again.
A software package called STRAD can help manage the content of the process (STRAD 1996), although in most applications of SCh the software is not used.
STRAD and its website (http:// -- with contact points for ordering a demo disk, window views of STRAD's latest version, etc.