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STRANDSSurvey of Teenage Readiness and Neurodevelopmental Status
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Reaching the westward end of the Strand, she crossed the street and suddenly entered a shop.
He doesn't live in the Strand, I hope--or near one of the bridges.
Mary Datchet, coming from the Strand at lunch-time, saw him one day taking his turn, closely buttoned in an overcoat, and so lost in thought that he might have been sitting in his own room.
They were at the corner of the Strand, but as though in utter forgetfulness of their whereabouts, he had suddenly stopped short and gripped her tightly by the arm.
Having walked a few paces upon the strand, Buckingham said to De Wardes, "I think it is now time to take leave of each other.
At the reflux, however, the duke and De Wardes were discovered lying on the strand.
The Noah's arks are packed one within another, with clockwork horses harnessed to them; the soldiers, knapsack on back, are kissing their hands to the dear foolish girls, who, however, will not be left behind them; all the four-footed things gather around the elephant, who is overful of drawing-room furniture; the birds flutter their wings; the man with the scythe mows his way through the crowd; the balloons tug at their strings; the ships rock under a swell of sail, everything is getting ready for the mighty exodus into the Strand.
He turned once more towards the Strand and stood for a moment in Trafalgar Square.
34%) were recorded by 50% strand thinning followed by the treatment where 25% strands were removed.
During release of pretensioned strands there are no anchoring devices at the end of prestressed concrete member.
Several models have been proposed for DNA operations like Lengthening of DNA strands, Shortening of DNA strands, Multiplication of DNA strands, Modification of nucleotides in DNA, Pasting of DNA strands and Separation of DNA strands [11].
Initial locations of dyed strands in the forming bin bunker were predetermined.