STRATCOMStrategic Communications
STRATCOMUS Strategic Command
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The STRATCOM commander and other senior leaders should be forceful advocates for deterrence-related education, both publicly and in the councils of the DOD.
I visited nuclear weapons maintainers at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, and met with STRATCOM senior and junior officers at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, and met with sailors in the ballistic missile submarine U.
And just a reminder, General Kowalski, who is the Vice Commander of the United States Strategic Command, is my speaker on September 25th, where he will be talking about the issues facing STRATCOM.
Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) as a subunified command subordinate to STRATCOM and collocated it with the government's main source of computer and electronic expertise, the NSA.
To our STRATCOM professionals, I would say, you have chosen a profession where there is no room for error," he stressed.
As the United States became embroiled in the war in Vietnam and the conflict in Southeast Asia committed more and more American forces and services, the mission of STRATCOM in Vietnam grew proportionately; however, signal groups and battalions were fielded to the various Corps tactical zones without the benefit of centralized command and control.
According to a recent STRATCOM announcement, the newly founded unit has ''met requirements necessary to declare an initial operational capability'' as of Nov.
STRATCOM is responsible for defining the concept of operations for global missile defense, developing rules of engagement to be approved by senior civilian decisionmakers, and working with regional combatant commands as well as the Army, Navy, and Air Force to develop and refine tactics, techniques, and procedures to counter a ballistic missile attack.
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Mahoney, STRATCOM J6S Office, "RE: Follow-up Question on Commercial SATCOM," e-mail message to Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Rayermann, 20 February 2003; Robert Hart, Regional SATCOM Support Center-CONUS, "RE: An Interesting Document Addressing Communications Requirements in DoD," e-mail message to Cecil Longino, 24 February 2003.
Mr Bell said: "I don't think there's a disconnect in principle between some level of general planning at STRATCOM and the negative security assurance and our goals relative to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
I visited nuclear weapons maintainers at Kirtland Air Force Base, met with STRATCOM senior and junior officers at Offutt, and met with submariners aboard the ballistic missile submarine U.
Space Assets Face Growing Threat from Adversaries, STRATCOM Chief Warns," Spacenews.