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Stratman has cited the intensely personal expressions of artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Ana Mendieta, and Frida Kahlo as influential in her own development.
The ethnic/political tensions between Turkistani Uyghurs and Han Chinese are delicately observed by experimental filmmaker Deborah Stratman in "Kings of the Sky," which follows famed Uyghur tightrope artist Adil Hoxur as his troupe tours the China-controlled desert regions of Central Asia.
Stratman, who is on the board of directors of the American Board of Dermatology, was favorably impressed with the work of a multicenter group of investigators who scrutinized 259 consecutive patients admitted with a diagnosis of lower-extremity cellulitis through the emergency department at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
Stratman, 22, of 15 Carleton Road, Rochdale, charged with larceny over $250, continued without a finding for 9 months, ordered to pay $1,716.83 restitution.
Camera (color, DV), Deborah Stratman; editor; Yoo Seung-Hyun; sound, Thor Moser, Craig Smith; research, Andersen.
Kelly McFarland Stratman, manager of state & local League relations, is the newest member of the team since January.
A number of studies (Flower, Stein, Ackerman, Kantz, McCormick, & Peck, 1990; Hayes, Flower, Schriver, Stratman, & Carey, 1987; Hill Wallace, & Haas, 1991; Wallace & Hayes, 1991) have detailed the difficulties that student writers face when they treat complex writing tasks as simple ones.
Commission Chairman Orlando Stratman said he's never had a petitioner offer as much compromise as Life Time has on this project.
Stratman asserted at the Hawaii Dermatology Seminar provided by the Global Academy for Medical Education/Skin Disease Education Foundation.
Download the brochure at For further information, contact Margaret Stratman, OSM at or 402-951-3026.
Stratman, 22, of 15 Carlton Road, Rochdale, charged with larceny over $250, continued to Jan.