STRBSchool Teachers' Review Body (Department for Education & Skills, UK)
STRBState Teachers Retirement Board (various locations)
STRBStudent's Training Record Book (Hong Kong)
STRBSpecial Trade Relations Bureau (Canada)
STRBSenior Technical Review Board (US Army)
STRBScience and Technology Research Building (University of California, Los Angeles)
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The STRB provides independent advice to the government on pay and conditions for teachers and school leaders in England and Wales.
Mr Clarke will by law have to accept it if the STRB rules it out again, but he has the backing of heads.
Ultimately it will be down to the STRB to make the decision.
Their separate submission to the STRB is not unsupportive of the RIG evidence but rather points out that these matters are not devolved to Wales.
The STRB will report early next year so any national strike ballots would take place after that.
He added: "I have considered the STRB recommendations care- fully and believe this settlement to be fair and reasonable.
He said: "Having worked with Patricia in the BBC, I am confident that the work of the STRB will benefit greatly from her skills and experience gained from a wide range of roles including those in education.
The STRB, which recommends to Government howmuch teachers should be paid, suggested a 2.
The STRB published its recommendations yesterday for this year's pay round for about 440,000 teachers.
We are no longer allowed to negotiate with the STRB and it seems that they are doing the Government's bidding.
Mick Brookes, General Secretary of headteacher's union the NAHT said: "The STRB has produced a thoughtful and balanced report and it can come as no surprise that the Secretary of State has accepted the main recommendation of 2.