STRBSchool Teachers' Review Body (Department for Education & Skills, UK)
STRBScience and Technology Research Building (University of California, Los Angeles)
STRBState Teachers Retirement Board (various locations)
STRBStudent's Training Record Book (Hong Kong)
STRBSpecial Trade Relations Bureau (Canada)
STRBSenior Technical Review Board (US Army)
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Ministers had hoped to unveil details more than a month ago, alongside the STRB's overall pay recommendations for the coming year.
A spokesperson said, 'We welcome the report as its findings are consistent with the evidence the minister gave to STRB in October last year.
Teaching unions had called for a mandatory maximum working week of 35 hours but the STRB recommended that the Government should only set targets to reduce the average working week from the current 52 hours to 45 in four years.
Lynn Lawrence and Martin Post will serve as members of the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) for 3 years from 1 September and 1 October 2019 respectively.
pR16.0676_90k harbored 11 resistance genes, aadA2, blaDHA1, dfrA23, floR, lnu(F), qnrB4, strA, strB, sull, sul2, and tet(A), which were distributed in 2 antimicrobial resistance islands, ARI1 and ARI2 (Appendix Figure, panel A).
STRB, is the largest water impounding facility operated by BWD serves as a water reserve and caters to more than 6,000 connections in the southern area of the city during summer.
ResFinder search against the WGS showed the occurrence of genes for resistance to aminoglycosides [aadA1 (ant(3")-Ia]; aadB; aph(3')-VIa (aphA-6); strA (aph(6)-Ia); strB (aph(6)-Id) and aacA4); phenicol (floR); sulfonamide (sul2); trimethoprim (dfrA1); macrolides (mphE); and lincosamides and streptogramin B (msrE).
Unions representing the majority of education staff in Wales and England will submit a joint statement to governments today calling for a significant pay increase for teachers and school leaders, and setting out their views on what they say are the most pressing issues facing the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB).