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STREAMLINERWorldwide Automated Signal Intelligence Communications Terminal
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Our ball drive actuators are used in the Ack Attack Streamliner Motorcycle due to the advancement speeds and the custom stroke, which is available in all Motion Systems' actuators," saidErik Wolf, president, Motion Systems Corporation .
It had to be packaged to fit into the Streamliner, and the width of it was determined by the width of the rider s shoulders, So a 3-L engine was difficult to put in that space.
Broadcast and on-demand video services provider Entone Technologies Ltd has launched a new version of its Streamliner video server.
He was chugging around his farm, trying to forget the sweet peas on that cushion, and occasionally sampling his jug of cider, when he happened to remember that the eastbound streamliner was due in 20 minutes.
Today, more than 100,000 people from around the world visit the Royal Gorge Route Railroad to experience that same first-class travel and dining experience aboard the renovated mid-century streamliner that runs along the rushing Arkansas River, deep within the dramatic cliffs of Colorado's Royal Gorge.
Tramcar 245, a 70-seater streamliner, is ready after a six-year restoration by Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society volunteers.
has also created replicas of land speed record holders including the unforgettable Mickey Thompson Challenger I, the famed Golden Rod race car, the celebrated Poteet and Main Speed Demon and most recently, a one-of-a-kind limited edition of the So Cal Streamliner for the So Cal Speed shop.
Auto Business News-March 26, 2015--Lyons Motor Car to launch LM2 Streamliner at New York Motor Show
When he looked up, he saw the pristine yellow of Union Pacific's Streamliner E-9 locomotives surging along the tracks toward Eugene.
The team will compete in the one-litre supercharged category in the methanol powered streamliner car.
The group's other founder Bill Payne, slide guitarist and vocalist Paul Barrere and singing conga player Sam Clayton - were on fine form with George era songs Red Streamliner, Dixiechicken andWillin', while Business as Usual and Let It Roll brought us up to their 80s return.
With its pre-war Bugatti-inspired nose, record-breaking 1937-built A4 streamliner, No 60009 Union of South Africa, streaks through historic Rainhill station, inaugurating the Daily Post and National Museum Liverpool's summer steam train excursions from Liverpool Lime Street last month.
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