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STRESSSystem Resources Stress
STRESSStructural Engineering System Solver (programming language)
STRESSStop the Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets (Detroit Police specialized crime unit)
STRESSSystematic Testing of Realtime Embedded Software Systems
STRESSSystematic Testing of Robustness by Evaluation of Synthesized Scenarios
STRESSStop the Robberies and Ensure Safe Shopping (Marion County, Florida)
STRESSStop the Robberies and Ensure A Safe Season (Ocala, Florida)
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In particular I laid stress on the gravitational difficulty.
For my own part, I remember nothing of my flight except the stress of blundering against trees and stumbling through the heather.
And then, just as the contest was becoming interesting, Daylight effected one of his lightning shifts, changing all stresses and leverages and at the same time delivering one of his muscular explosions.
Some accounts give rather a romantic origin to this affair, tracing it to the stormy night when M'Dougal, in the course of an exploring expedition, was driven by stress of weather to seek shelter in the royal abode of Comcomly.
Their position was perhaps the happiest of all positions in the social scale, being above the line at which neediness ends, and below the line at which the CONVENANCES begin to cramp natural feelings, and the stress of threadbare modishness makes too little of enough.
Each line is divided into halves and each half contains two stressed syllables, generally long in quantity.
The need which Professor Muirhead stressed is no less pressing to-day, and few will deny that philosophy has much to do with enabling us to meet it, although no one, least of all Muirhead himself, would regard that as the sole, or even the main, object of philosophy.
To excel in the field of physical therapy there is a huge amount of stress and pressure on the students to cope with upcoming new techniques of efficiently treating patients.
Some strategies to reduce stress include identifying its cause and developing a plan to address it, getting regular physical activity, and trying relaxation techniques such as breathing or meditation, as well as building strong relationships with family and friends.
Research looking at how often people across the UK Tweeted about stress, frustration and anxiety revealed that compared to its neighbouring towns and cities, Coventry is less stressed in comparison.
Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension.
The founder of eTher institute for personal development revealed that it was even more worrisome that people suffering from stress resort to self-diagnosis and treatment.