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STRESSStructural Engineering System Solver (programming language)
STRESSStop the Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets (Detroit Police specialized crime unit)
STRESSSystematic Testing of Realtime Embedded Software Systems
STRESSSystematic Testing of Robustness by Evaluation of Synthesized Scenarios
STRESSStop the Robberies and Ensure Safe Shopping (Marion County, Florida)
STRESSStop the Robberies and Ensure A Safe Season (Ocala, Florida)
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The water was out, over miles and miles of the flat country adjacent to Yarmouth; and every sheet and puddle lashed its banks, and had its stress of little breakers setting heavily towards us.
I therefore told him my small story, and laid stress on my being forbidden to inquire who my benefactor was.
I laid some stress upon the kindness which the viceroy of Tigre had shown to us, and in particular to me; but was soon convinced that those hopes had no real foundation, for he was one of the most violent of our persecutors.
It was indeed Maid Marian, who had helped save Will, and been in the stress of battle from the first.
No stress, it is presumed, will, in this case, be laid on the TITLE; a change of that could never be deemed an exercise of ungranted power.
I gave her the story of the accident in a few words, without laying too much stress on some too harrowing details.
The stick with which the deed had been done, although it was of some rare and very tough and heavy wood, had broken in the middle under the stress of this insensate cruelty; and one splintered half had rolled in the neighbouring gutter--the other, without doubt, had been carried away by the murderer.
I saw the fingers and toes grasp the corners of the stones, worn clear of the mortar by the stress of years, and by thus using every projection and inequality move downwards with considerable speed, just as a lizard moves along a wall.
He seemed anxious to lay stress on the fact that I owed my life to him.
He said he had seen a similar thing at Tubingen, and laid considerable stress on the blowing out of the candle.
For my own part, I remember nothing of my flight except the stress of blundering against trees and stumbling through the heather.
I will look at it again;" and he read the paragraph for the third time, laying a stress on each word as he proceeded.