STRFStream Format
STRFStudent Tuition Recovery Fund
STRFScience and Technologies of Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)
STRFSpectro-Temporal Receptive Field (auditory system)
STRFStrafe (US Air Force)
STRFSouth Texas Research Facility (University of Texas; San Antonio, TX)
STRFShort-Term Redemption Fee (finance)
STRFStorage Tank Registration Form (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
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Consistent with this idea, work on the measurement and modeling of STRF shapes [27-28], showing the rapid plasticity of these representations, may be the basis for sensory memory encoding and retrieval in the central auditory system.
Abbreviations: AF = arcuate fasciculus, CANS = central auditory nervous system, CAPD = central auditory processing disorder, DTI = diffusion tensor imaging, fMRI = functional magnetic resonance imaging, OIF/OEF/OND = Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation New Dawn, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, RR&D = Rehabilitation Research and Development, STRF = spectrotemporal receptive field, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
343 miles Quito Du Tresor (Strf 5.00), 260 miles Well Sharp (Newb 2.05), 246 miles Robby Bobby (Kemp 7.15), Fantastic Strike (Kemp 7.45), 245 miles Royal Opera (Donc 5.15), Rasaman (Donc 1.55), 239 miles Bella Noir (Newb 3.10), 235 miles Unshakable Will (Kemp 8.45), 230 miles Medici Pearl (Newb 3.10), 229 miles Meandmyshadow (Kemp 6.15).