STRISmithsonian Tropical Research Institute
STRISimulation, Training, and Instrumentation (US Army)
STRISports Turf Research Institute
STRIStones River National Battlefield (US National Park Service)
STRIScience and Technology Research Institute (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
STRIIcelandic Council for Standardization
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An STRI spokesman said: "The pitches of the Premier League clubs were all to a very high standard, but we singled out the Liberty Stadium given that both the Swans and Ospreys rugby union side play there.
In relation to this STRI presented an alternative strategy for 2010 to change the construction of the pitch, which Wembley agreed was the best way forward and is now proceeding with this.
Bob Taylor, senior ecologist with the STRI, says: "At Royal Birkdale this means gaining consent to set up a tented village, media compound, spectator grandstands, mobile catering facilities, television screens, leaderboards and toilet facilities and to allow for the routing of thousands of spectators through the dunes.
We'll now give the findings from the session careful consideration, as we will the report we expect to receive from STRI in the autumn.
Over the next twenty years, while the various parts of the Canal Zone were gradually turned over to Panama, STRI continued to manage Barro Colorado.
On an earlier trip organized by members of Eldredge Bermingham's lab at the Smithsonian, another new frog species was collected by researchers from STRI, the University of Panama and the Cmrculo Herpetolsgico de Panama.
In December 2005 STRI reported that: "The Starmat plots performed similarly to the conventional [unsalted] greyhound sand but did exhibit relatively low traction levels.
The achievement spoke to PEO STRI and DAU's commitment to workforce development.
Since the war started, PEO STRI has become accustomed to receiving urgent request for training devices.
Clubs taking part in the scheme will be visited by an ecologist from the STRI to help work out an 18-month programme to improve the environment for wildlife.