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STRIDESystem to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence
STRIDESpoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, Elevation of Privilege (mnemonic for threats to software, used to make threat-modeling scenarios)
STRIDEStaff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education (Indira Gandhi Open University)
STRIDEScience and Technology for Regional Innovation and Development in Europe
STRIDEStudents Taking Responsibility in Developing Excellence
STRIDEStudy of Treatment for Renal Insufficiency Data and Evaluation
STRIDEStriving Toward Rider Instruction & Dressage Education
STRIDESuccess Through Responsibility, Initiative, Determination and Employment
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"Well, if a man can stride four and a-half feet without the smallest effort, he can't be quite in the sere and yellow.
That is shown by the increased length of his strides. He was talking all the while, and working himself up, no doubt, into a fury.
"Don't cry, mon bebe, mon bebe, mon Cheri!" the woman spoke soothingly as she covered the ground with long strides. "La Folle goin' mine you; Doctor Bonfils goin' come make mon Cheri well agin."
She walked with long strides. Her eyes were fixed desperately before her, and she breathed heavily, as a tired ox.
If Antaeus observed that the battle was going hard against his little allies, he generally stopped laughing, and ran with mile-long strides to their assistance, flourishing his club aloft and shouting at the cranes, who quacked and croaked, and retreated as fast as they could.
I sue for peace, and, as a condition of it, will take five strides, and be out of your kingdom at the sixth.
The command to march was now given, and the girls formed themselves into four bands, or companies, and set off with eager strides toward the Emerald City.
We look forward to reporting data from STRIDE 3 and resubmitting the NDA with the goal of obtaining approval and being able to offer KPI-121 0.25% to the millions of patients with dry eye disease.'
Kala continues to enroll patients in its ongoing STRIDE 3 (STRIDE - Short Term Relief In Dry Eye) Phase 3 clinical trial, and expects this trial will serve as the basis of its response to the CRL.
The bid is at a 28.5% premium to the Stride share price before the offer, and values Stride at PS114 million.
The bid is at a 28.5% premium to the Stride pre-offer share price, and values Stride at PS114m.