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They were thoroughly organized and well armed, and they were held in readiness to be hurled in special trains to any part of the country where labor went on strike or was locked out by the employers.
** Bull-pen--in a miners' strike in Idaho, in the latter part of the nineteenth century, it happened that many of the strikers were confined in a bull-pen by the troops.
A general strike, it said, had been called all over the United States; and most foreboding anxieties were expressed concerning the provisioning of the great cities.
For a generation the general strike had been the dream of organized labour, which dream had arisen originally in the mind of Debs, one of the great labour leaders of thirty years before.
He had to come close in order to strike, and each time Joe baffled him and caught him in his arms.
Watson blocked the kick with his crossed arms and sprang to his feet so quickly that he was in a clinch with his antagonist before the latter could strike. Holding him, Watson spoke to the onlookers:
And he knew, further, that if he were to escape he must neither strike his assailant nor any of the men who opposed him.
It will be noted, in passing, that in this falling dream which is so familiar to you and me and all of us, we never strike bottom.
All this was in June; and before long the question was submitted to a referendum in the unions, and the decision was for a strike. It was the same in all the packing house cities; and suddenly the newspapers and public woke up to face the gruesome spectacle of a meat famine.
"I came to see if maybe you could get me a place during the strike," the other replied.
But let me tell you-all that when the big strike sure does come, you-all'll do a little surface-scratchin' and muck-raking, but danged little you-all'll have to show for it.
Why was it necessary for men to quarrel and jangle, and strike and fight, all about the matter of getting work?