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STRIPSecure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords
STRIPScience, Technology, Research and Innovation Precinct (Monash University, Australia)
STRIPStandard Requisitioning & Issue Procedure
STRIPSonar Transducer Reliability Improvement Program (US Navy)
STRIPSeparate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities
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Jesse bought a great many new machines for cut- ting down the cost of labor and all of the remaining acres in the strip of black fertile swamp land.
said the respondent, taking out a strip of tobacco and a large hunting-knife from his pocket.
Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence.
He asked them why they were so dull -- why didn't it occur to them to strip me.
The level strip of ground which stretches through and beyond the town is laid out in handsome pleasure grounds, shaded by noble trees and adorned at intervals with lofty and sparkling fountain-jets.
People lived in them yet, but it was dangersome, be- cause sometimes a strip of land as wide as a house caves in at a time.
Along the lower edge of each strip was pasted a slip of white paper.
I still made him no answer, nor did I move to strip myself.
If you think so, you must have a strange opinion of me; you must regard me as a plotting profligate--a base and low rake who has been simulating disinterested love in order to draw you into a snare deliberately laid, and strip you of honour and rob you of self- respect.
Mary felt as if the drive would never come to an end and that the wide, bleak moor was a wide expanse of black ocean through which she was passing on a strip of dry land.
A winding strip of road was visible, at no great distance, amid the undulations of the open ground; and along this strip the stalwart figure of Mr.
And if you were shown a flock of birds, unable to fly, and were set upon them to strip them of their feathers for your own advantage, you would set upon the birds of the finest feathers; would you not?