STRISSekolah Teologi Reformed Injili Surabaya (Indonesian: School of Reformed Evangelical Theology; Surabaya, Indonesia)
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"Having already recovered $17 million in benefits for our clients and nearly $5 million in attorney's fees, we understand the Second Circuit's desire to bring this case to a conclusion," Stris wrote in an email.
Brannen, a partner at Stris & Maher LLP, in Los Angeles, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Stris, one of the nation's top Supreme Court advocates, was hired to advise VidAngel on how to best win not only the initial lawsuit, but any appeals the studios may make after the verdict.
Quinto said he could not be more delighted with the addition of Blecher and Stris. "I fully expect that our new dream team will function seamlessly," he said.
To do otherwise, would "pick the pockets of the other participants" in the plan, Stris said Monday.
DeWolff Boberg, & Assocs., Inc.) (responding to Professor Stris's claim that the plain meaning of ERISA should not be trumped by a "judicial gloss").
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(50.) See generally Maher & Stris, supra note 18, at 464-73 (discussing the Court's role in limiting the judicial review of administrator decisions).
1020 (2008) (argued by Professor Stris on November 26, 2007), and
Professor Stris on March 28, 2006); see also Linda Greenhouse, Top Court (responding to Professor Stris's claim that the plain meaning of
Stris, said she "was explicitly told that they would not produce a story on her relationship with Trump."