STRNStandard Technical Report Number
STRNSea Turtle Recovery Network (Jamaica)
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Now, the STRN would be issued without any physical interaction with the tax department.
The FBR will issue STRN immediately after the submission of documents.
The circular clarifies that a business which is not registered for sales tax and does not have an STRN is not authorized to charge sales tax on the invoice.
It clarified that STRN (13 digits) was issued to every person, who was registered for sales tax purpose and only that person was authorized to change sales tax on his taxable sales except where goods fall under third schedule to the Sales Tax Act-1990.
The FBR clarification has further advised the Customers to ask for invoices/receipts having Sales Tax Number (STRN) on the invoices/receipts on purchase of goods and services,said in press release issued by FBR here on Thursday.
In case of such items, STRN may not be required if the same is purchased from a retailer.
The BMBF framework programme, Research for Sustainable Development (FONA), and the SOF funding concept represent this, as does the STRN network.
25 May 2012 - Sutron Corporation (NASDAQ: STRN), the US provider of products and services for hydrological, meteorological and oceanic monitoring, said it had completed its deal to buy IPS Meteostar Inc (IPSM), the developer of advanced, scalable tools for environmental analysis, display and integration/distribution systems.
FBR has replaced the Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) with National Tax Number (NTN).
Susan Thorpe fills a few gaps in Darryl Francis's "AEGINRST Transdeleted": NRST (Strn, populated place in Croatia), GRT (Trg, populated place in Croatia), NRS (Srn Do, a depression in Yugoslavia), NRT (Trn, populated place in Bulgaria), and RST (Babin Srt, a mountain in Macedonia).
At first, Tom Colbert says, all he wanted to do was prove a simple point: "You can cut tree s and strn do the forest some good." What began as an almost desperate experiment in Montezuma County, Colorado, has gone far beyond breathing life into the moribund local timber industry and restoring 7,000 acres of ponderosa pine forest.
For muscle activity, static and median (10th and 50th percentile) normalized electromyographic (EMG) statistics were calculated for five bilateral pairs of muscles: sternocleidomastoid (STRN), levator scapulae (LEV), trapezius (TRAP), head and neck extensor group in the cervical region (CERV), and extensor group in the upper thoracic region (THOR).