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STROBESShared Time Repair of Big Electronic Systems (computer testing language)
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"High-powered strobe photography at shutter speeds of up to 1/8000th of a second, combined with the ability to operate any of the Priolite Hot Sync strobes at any power setting and without the need for an outlet, truly represents a quantum leap forward for most owners of Canon, Nikon, and Pentax cameras," says Joachim Renschke, the CEO and founder of Priolite GmbH.
The entirety of the strobe lighting system was replaced by A&O Technology's team of climbers, which utilised rope access to rappel down the exoskeleton of the 321m tall structure.
Ruggedized for harsh conditions, the L-856 High Intensity Strobe is designed for operation in ambient temperature range of -40oC to +55oC and is highly resistant to lightning, vibration and shock.
With a stable differential clock and a strobe signal dedicated to each byte group, data transfer was accomplished on rising and falling edges of the strobe signal, hence doubling the data rate.
These strobe lights are a problem, added Paul Rudolf, director of life-safety system at Benjamin Electrical Engineering Works.
* Field Expandable - Simply attach Unilux LEI) strobe units to each other for the coverage needed.
It includes new products, such as multi-candela strobes, Series S UL-Listed Speaker and Speaker Strobes, and Powerpath MP.
LS Strobes accommodate webs up to 36 inches and wider.
Wheelock, Inc., of Long Branch, New Jersey, has introduced Round Ceiling Mount Series RSS Strobes with lower current draw requirements.
of Cheshire, Connecticut, offers the Genesis line of emergency signals, including speakers, horns, and strobes. Strobes offer selectable candela outputs and use FullLight technology for a highly controllable distribution pattern.
Wheelock, Inc., of Long Branch, New Jersey, has introduced the SPEC1FIRE Multi-Candela Series E70 and ET70 Speaker Strobes. The appliances include field-selectable candela settings of 15, 30, 75, or 110 cd.
Strobe lighting at dance music festivals increases the risk of an epileptic seizure, researchers say.