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STROPState Tax Refund Offset Program
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While he didn't get into a strop, the chimp became quite unreasonable.
The stitched strops, or webbing, support the cones which make up the system.
Strop added another solo home run in the fourth to give Tri-City a 4-0 lead.
And Rochina took his strop to another level when he was due to meet and greet supporters at a bash after the Sunderland win last week.
EMOTIONAL Cher arrives at secret gig where she had strop
Working together we dug around the animal, removing brickwork until we were able to put a 5m strop around her.
KELLY Osbourne was in a strop at V yesterday, as she'd just had a fight over her mobile with brother Jack - who is on a car rally from London to Mongolia.
And in 1997, Oasis' Liam Gallagher had a strop and stormed off stage, ending the gig.
And then he reportedly had a strop at the Baftas because his thank you speech was cut short.
The 17-year-old rapper threw a diva strop over attending the Narnia premiere in Leicester Square on Tuesday and pulled out at the eleventh hour.
Liam threw a strop when he was showered with beer during Oasis' iTunes show at The Roundhouse in Camden.
NO PHOTOS: SuBo strop But as she headed to the TV studios yesterday, SuBo, 48, of Blackburn, West Lothian, said: "I have been trying to make it as a singer for years.