STRSState Teachers Retirement System
STRSShare the Road Safely
STRSSchool of Theology and Religious Studies (Catholic University; Washington, DC)
STRSSunGard Trading and Risk Systems (various organizations)
STRSSpace Telecommunications Radio System (NASA)
STRSSir Thomas Rich's School (UK)
STRSStimulated Thermal Rayleigh Scattering
STRSSupplier Test Report System
STRSStraight Talk Retirement System (software)
STRSSubmarine Technical Repair Standard
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Char strs to PS950; Heifers to PS840; AA strs to PS705; Fries strs to PS300.
Based on the STRs reported from 2013 to 2017 in the AMLC database, the study showed a majority of the illicit funds generated from the identified top predicate crimes are circulating within the Philippine financial system and may pertain to the same money moving around the country.
Furthermore, around 1,136 STRs have been issued in January and February alone this year.
The Company and STRS Ohio have committed to provide up to USD 125 million of subordinated notes and equity to the joint venture, with the Company providing up to USD 75 million and STRS Ohio providing up to USD 50 million.
In December 2017, the State Bank of Pakistan once again sent STRs. In this report, there were 29 accounts that were found involved in suspicious remittances out of them, 16 accounts were of Summit Bank, 8 of Sindh Bank, and 5 of UBL.
The report indicated that a vast majority of STRs, 1,187 out of 1,644, during the 2014-17 period were reported by banks followed by money exchange firms at second place.
24m Lim strs to PS1,245; 23m Blonde strs to PS1,220; 24m BB strs to PS1,200; 23m Sim strs to PS1,180; 21m Hfd strs to PS1,010; 24m Hols/Fries strs to PS970; 16m Char strs to PS960; 22m Lim hfrs PS1,175; 21m Blonde hfrs to PS1,080; 23m BB hfrs to PS1,025; 24m Sim hfrs to PS1,000; 19m Char hfrs to PS990; 22m BSH hfrs to PS980; 22m Hfd hfrs to PS970.
Kearney et al., "Forensic value of 14 novel STRs on the human Y chromosome," Forensic Science International, vol.
Studies have revealed two classes of GPCRs that have been identified, including taste 1 receptor family (T1R) and the taste 2 receptor family (T2R), and two subtypes of the T1R family, including T1R member 2 (T1R2) and T1R member 3 (T1R3), form heterodimers to act as sweet taste receptors (STRs), which are expressed in taste buds and in the gastrointestinal tract and respond to various chemically distinct compounds, such as natural sugars, noncaloric artificial and natural sweeteners, some D-amino acids, and sweet-tasting proteins [7].
Moreover, the quality of suspicious transaction reports (STRs) had to be improved,' Racela said.
Calves Lim strs 1220, 1140, 1110 Annsteads, 1060 Howick Seahouses, 990, 960 Proctor Steads, 960, 900 (2) Lemmington Hill Head, Char strs 1080 Howick Seahouses, Bel strs 1020, 1000 Annstead, 790 Hauxley, Angus strs 930, 880 Broome Hill, 800, 770 Hauxley, 710, 700 Angerton Broom House, Fries blks 680 Hauxley, Char hfrs 890 Rosebrough, Lim hfrs 860, 825 Lemmington Hill Head, Angus hfrs 785 Hauxley, 740 Broome Hill, BB hfrs 700 Hauxley, Here x Fries hfrs 490, 485 North Charlton Mill.