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STRUMStandard Technical Report Using Modules
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From 1972 through 1987, Strum studied a large troop of olive baboons living on a 45,000-acre ranch in Kenya.
The Birmingham-born fighter of Irish descent faces a tough trip to Germany but will fancy his chances against three-time world champion Strum (35-2-1).
Lee, who also revealed has no immediate plans to fight in Ireland, stressed he would jump at the chance to face Strum (36-2) and is confident of beating the 31 year old.
Nicky Campbell might have been singing "Strum guys have all the luck" as he serenaded sexy Samantha Fox.
They range from the summery strum of Buckle Up Baby Doll and Bienvenido to the bitter Digging A Hole and bleak So It Goes, in which he advises "hope is a gun you load every day." There's a lush cover of Lee Hazelwood's My Autumn's Done Gone and a show-stealing take on Teenage Fan Club's Alco holiday for good measure.
The world Champion Air Guitar Master was on hand to strum up support for this year's BudRising Summer.
SHOCK: Bush views scene from air; STRUM GAFFE: Bush with Wills
She also favored unorthodox approaches to the piano, sometimes reaching inside to pluck and strum its strings.
The 10 jazz-tinted songs include a lengthy instrumental, a couple of wandering tunes written for her recent ballet and a reworking of early hallmark hit Big Yellow Taxi, here given a syncopated strum. There's a strong ecologi- cal message running through the set, par- ticularly on the haunting If I Had A Heart, but the strongest by far is Night Of The Iguana, a dramatic narrative song of sin that dips its toe into rock and roll territory.
My hands were shaking as I started to strum the melody on my guitar.
Plans are being drawn up to allow performers to strum guitars, juggle and eat fire on Broad Street in Birmingham city centre.
ALEXIS Strum's new single Bad Haircut really is about just that - a bad haircut!