STRVSpace Technology Research Vehicle
STRVShort Tons, Raw Value (production statistic)
STRVSpace Test Research Vehicle (various nations)
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Hack-a-Thons are about ideas," says STRV CEO, David Semerad, "and we're looking for innovative app concepts and cool designs that will inspire the app community.
We'll be looking at the overall package," says Lubo Smid, COO at STRV who will act as the hack-a-thon's mentor.
The day will start with a brief Apple Watch tutorial given by STRV designers before teams are turned loose to hack away
This quota opened in four distinct tranches of 37,500 STRV on December 9 and 29, 2005, January 10 and 24, 2006.
In addition, USDA will increase the fiscal year 2006 global on a first-come, first-served tariff-rate quota (TRQ) for refined sugar of 75,000 STRV basis.
The specialty sugar, Mexican and Canadian allocations of the fiscal year 2006 refined sugar TRQ are unchanged and the total fiscal year 2006 refined sugar TRQ is now 129,013 STRV.
412 million tons of sugarcane yielding 408,000 STRV sugar.
396 million tons of sugarcane yielding 393,512 STRV sugar with a yield of 11.
the data already provided by STRV a&b, which were launched on Ariane
STRV 1 c&d are part of the second mission in DERAs small
Flight 64 also placed two microsatellites, STRV 1A and 1B, into geostationary transfer orbit for the British Ministry of Defense.