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STS-1SONET Basic Transmission Rate of 51.84 Mbps
STS-1Synchronous Transport Signal Level-1
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Designed for future growth, the EdgeLink Hub additionally allows for the aggregation of DS1s, DS3s and STS-1s to an optical SONET uplink.
75 inches) multiplexer on the market that offers an STS-1 interface.
The M29320 DS3/E3 mapper/demapper block performs mapping/demapping of a DS3/E3 payload into STS-1 frames for SONET or AU-4/TUG-3, AU-3/VC-3 frames for SDH.
Both companies recognize the other's leadership position in their respective markets (AMCC's leading Framer and Pointer-Processor technology; Velio's leading STS-1 Grooming Switch fabrics) and have determined that a demonstrated interoperability of their silicon solutions gives their customers the advantage of a complete SONET/SDH solution while still using best-in-class components at each stage.
Velio has clearly established itself as the leader in the STS-1 Grooming Switch Fabric market.
Founded in 1998, Velio has achieved more than 50 design wins and is shipping for revenue its backplane SerDes, Crosspoint Switch and STS-1 Grooming Switch with Tier One and Tier Two customers in telecom, datacom and storage markets.
Mindspeed's DJATs smooth jitter and synchronize the signal to the T3, E3 or STS-1 clock and produce a clean, de-jittered clock and data output -- eliminating the need for expensive, poor-performing and environmentally sensitive voltage controlled quartz crystal oscillators (VCXOs) and other components.
Virtual concatenation allows the grouping of any number of STS-1 channels for transporting data streams regardless of the type of data packet being transported, such as Ethernet, Internet protocol (IP), or asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), substantially extending the transport efficiency of existing SONET infrastructure.
With VC, we can utilize 95 percent of the transport channel for data applications and the remaining six STS-1 channels for voice applications," said Schreder.
Agere's TADMVC2G5 framer device integrates a full pointer processor, an STS-1 granularity cross-connect and a packet-cell data engine with VC and GFP, providing a system-on-chip solution for ADM functionality in PPP or ring optical networks.
CIENA believes that CoreDirector offers carriers the most capacity and functionality in the smallest footprint as the only optical switch with 256 ports (640Gbps bi-directional switching capacity) in a single bay, plus a full range of signal switching granularity spanning from entire wavelengths down to STS-1.
CoreDirector has achieved an early lead in the market for optical switch equipment based on the product's STS-1 grooming capability, port density, and intelligent networking software functionality," said David Krozier, senior analyst with RHK, a telecommunications research firm.