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STS-1SONET Basic Transmission Rate of 51.84 Mbps
STS-1Synchronous Transport Signal Level-1
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In addition, the ARROW-2xGE has a glueless interface with the PM5374 TSE-160 (160 Gbit/s STS-1 cross-connect) which provides seamless integration with a cross-connect fabric, including backplane interconnect (see figure 2).
Designed for future growth, the EdgeLink Hub additionally allows for the aggregation of DS1s, DS3s and STS-1s to an optical SONET uplink.
It allows each STS-1 component of each input stream to be directed to an arbitrary STS-1 slot in an arbitrary output stream.
75 inches) multiplexer on the market that offers an STS-1 interface.
Ditech Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: DITC) today announced its new STS-1 Echo Canceller, the industry's first echo canceller with a fully integrated STS-1 or 51.
ART, which should be in production in the third quarter of 1994, performs the transmit and receive line interface functions required for transmission of STS-1 and DS-3 signals across a coaxial interface.
The STM/S12 and the STM/S8 can switch up to 12 and eight STS-1 lines, respectively.
Transparent mode allows the VSC9195 to simultaneously carry and switch multiple traffic formats, making it the first STS-1 TSI switch that can directly interoperate in packet and virtual tributary (VT) switch environments, contributing to the new level of system capabilities for the OEM.
Telco Systems, a leader in network edge technology and IP switching platforms, today introduced new OC-3 and STS-1 SONET uplink modules for their EdgeLink Hub that are ideal for central office, co-location, and backbone transport access points at SUPERCOMM 2003.
The M29320 STS-1 framer monitors the data from the line and performs STS-1/STM-0 framing (A1/A2), full-section and line-overhead processing, defect detection and descrambling.
In STS-1 grooming applications, the SPECTRA 1x2488 connects to the PM5310 TBS(TM) device, providing Automatic Protection Switching (APS), STS-1 cross-connecting and efficient Gigabit Ethernet transport with the PM5397 ARROW(TM) 2xGE (see figure 2).
In SONET mode, the POP-12 provides the same functions for STS-3c payloads, plus, it can alternatively terminate and process up to twelve individual STS-1 SPE POH streams for four individual STS-3s.