STS-12SONET Transmission Rate of 594.432 Mbps
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This new development utilizes the advanced hardware design of Digital Lightwave's Optical Multi-Rate (OMR) module, enabling a user to test various combinations of STS-12, STS-3, STS-1 and DS3 tributaries embedded within a single higher-speed SONET optical carrier (OC-3/12/48) stream.
In addition, the DS3/E3 monitors are located between the demapper and the DS3/E3 transmit framer to provide performance monitoring of the demapped DS3/E3 frames from the STS-12 SONET framer block.
The S/UNI-12xJET integrates 12 DS3/E3 mappers/framers, with corresponding desynchronizers and a STS-12 SONET/SDH framer, to support DS3/E3 mapping into SONET/SDH on a channel-by-channel basis.